The elegant celtic butterfly tattoo at the back of girl's neck.Celtic designs are highly symbolic patterns, with intricate knots and swirling lines and Celtic butterfly tattoos allow the artist to show this artwork at its very best.  In the Celtic zodiac, the butterfly relates chiefly to the month of November, but Celtic butterfly tattoos are often the design of choice because of their graceful beauty and these designs are now reaching new heights of popularity.

Choosing your first tattoo is an important decision because the design will say something about your own unique personality and identity.  The choice of designs in the captivating world that is tattoo art is seemingly endless and, as all lovers of tattoos and body art know, every design has its own special meaning and significance.  For example, the koi fish design symbolises the perseverance of the fish in nature as it struggles against great difficulties to swim for many miles upstream in order to perpetuate its species.   This manly design could show the world your courage in the face of adversity.

Sexy celtic flying butterfly tattoo at girl's lower back.Butterflies have deep significance in almost every culture, so depending on where you come from, they could represent the soul, rebirth, freedom, femininity, love or change and luck.  Celtic butterfly tattoos can encompass any of these meanings and also incorporate the spiritual significance of the Celtic knot which represents the continuity of life, or the timelessness of nature.  The surreal beauty and delicate grace of Celtic butterfly tattoos make them the most popular design for girls.

What you choose for yourself is what makes you stand out in a crowd and a butterfly tattoo might tell the world you are a social animal who loves partying and having fun or, when enhanced with the deeper significance of ancient knot-work, Celtic butterfly tattoos could indicate your aesthetic soul, your visionary nature and love of all things beautiful.  In Celtic culture, the butterfly is firstly a creature of transformation as it emergence from the cocoon in all its glorious beauty and secondly a lost or roaming soul that transforms into a new life when absorbed by a female mortal.  Because the knots symbolise continuity, this process is ongoing.

Color celtic butterfly tattoo looks simple and pretty.

Celtic knots lend themselves easily to the shape of a butterfly.  To give a more elaborate appearance to the design, the outer tracery is dramatically defined and the knot-work filled with an assortment of colours.  The wide, open wings of the butterfly give the artist the opportunity to use his ingenuity in filling the interior with an array of patterns in the Celtic style, all of which have their own significance.  Shamrocks, which have an important place in Celtic culture, can be used in Celtic knot designs.  The artist cleverly adds an extra leaf to make it look like the fore- and hind-wings of the butterfly.

Famous celtic butterfly tattoo for girls.

Apart from butterflies being the most popular design with the ladies, the lower back has always been the favourite bodily place to show off these lovely tattoos.  As well as their affiliation to women and femininity, the beautiful artwork in the horizontally spread wings of Celtic butterfly tattoos, can be displayed to perfection on a woman’s lower back area.