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Foo Dog Tattoos

By |December 2nd, 2010|

Fu or Foo dog tattoos are talismanic emblems designed to protect the wearer from evil influences or people with wicked intentions.  Sometimes known as the lion dog (because lions are sacred in Buddhism), or the celestial dog, these regal creatures guarded the ancient Buddhist temples of the Orient.  Their features are a combination of both feline and canine and they are usually depicted in an aggressive stance, with teeth bared and claws at the ready, always on guard to attack and rid their celestial manor of marauding demons.   Often the female of the pair has her mouth closed in order to keep good spirits in.   She is usually drawn playing with a cub which is reclining upside-down in a typical feline position of trust, and which also represents grounding and the earth or the ‘cycle of life’, while the male holds a globe, or ‘tama’, which is a Buddhist jewel, in its paws to symbolise heaven and the Buddhist law or ‘flower of life’.