A simple and good look flying butterfly tattoo design.Flying butterfly tattoos are undeniably the most popular designs requested by women all over the world.  If you have ever seen a lepidopterist’s display cabinets you might begin to understand why these beautiful creatures hold so much fascination for so many.  For one thing, there are over twenty thousand known species of butterfly throughout the world, which engrosses collectors, and means over twenty thousand unique designs to choose from if you want to replicate the real thing.  And if you want something more whimsical, you can choose your own colours and patterns and claim you have discovered a new species!

It is true that most women choose flying butterfly tattoos because they are so elegant and beautiful, but they also have such enormous cultural significance all over the world that these creatures cannot help but captivate the imagination.  You only have to watch a butterfly in flight as it flutters gracefully from flower to flower in search of nectar, to understand how easily myths and stories sprung up around this little creature.  With their fairy-like gossamer wings, they were considered to be deities in some parts of the world.

Symbols of love, beauty, grace, femininity and the transience of life were all attributed to these butterfly goddesses.  They had a special role for women who died in childbirth, or who lost their infants at birth as they carried the souls of the dead safely on their way.  The souls of brave warriors who fell in battle were also tenderly guided to their resting place.

In Japan, the beautifully spread wings of the butterfly emerging from its cocoon after its long sleep is a symbol of the grace and beauty of young girls as they metamorphose into lovely young women.  Geishas are often identified with butterflies.  In China, the butterfly is a symbol of marital harmony and felicity and two butterflies in flight often symbolise this love.

Two little blue butterflies tattoo on left shoulder blade.

Other symbolism surrounding butterflies relate to peace, dreams, thoughts, intuition, playfulness and tenderness and it is not difficult to understand how any of these attributes came about.  Flying butterfly tattoos can therefore signify any combination of these that the wearer chooses.

Pretty butterfly tattoo designfor women.A popular area to display the wide-spread wings of flying butterfly tattoos is on the small of the back, though this is not exclusive.  Some women proudly display them on the neck or chest area whilst others might choose the abdomen or shoulder.  Smaller designs are often placed on the upper arm or leg, but to do justice to the amazing colour spectrum available, larger designs are preferred.  For smaller, more discreet tattoos, the close winged designs are sometimes chosen.

As skin ages, tattoo inks might fade or blur, but butterfly tattoos can quite easily be re-touched, and as fashions or tastes change, other colours or designs (such as foliage or flowers) can be incorporated into the original tattoo to give it a fresh, new look.

The versatility of flying butterfly tattoos is as great as the species itself and this flexibility makes it an ideal choice of tattoo for the modern woman.