A printable scorpion tattoo on man's stomach.Scorpions are creatures of great antiquity and have horrified and fascinated the human race since it was first born and, whilst they may seem unlikely subjects for tattoos, the number of people searching for a printable scorpion tattoo on-line is testament to the popularity of this fearsome creature.

Distinguishable at a glance from the rest of its arachnid family, it has a complex structure and shape which is often difficult to capture in ink and, when searching for printable art work, care needs to be taken that the design is a realistic and faithful facsimile or your tattoo will be a big disappointment.

The most immediately recognisable part of the scorpion’s body is its highly flexible tail, which, of course, contains its venom.  They have four pairs of walking legs, like spiders, but the second pair of legs sport two powerful pincer-like claws, rather like crabs, while the first pair have little flipper-like feet.

Three hundred and ninety million year old fossils have shown that scorpions have altered very little structurally for the unknown aeons of their existence – and this existence is quite widespread.  Found in North and South America, parts of Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Oceania, wherever they exist, stories and mythologies have sprung up around them, which has resulted in the powerful symbolism surrounding them.

Printable scorpion tattoo on foot.Scorpions tattoo designs are associated with treachery, passion, protection and defence, control, transition, death and isolation and people born under the zodiac sign of Scorpio exhibit some of these qualities.  They are complex people, often misunderstood; they are determined controllers, tenacious and single-minded.  They are often secretive, yet find it difficult to suppress their enthusiasm for things that interest them.  They relish challenge and pack a powerful sting when confronted.  You can certainly see why scorpion tattoos would appeal to these characters, but there are also other reasons for the popularity of the design.  The wearer of a scorpion tattoo is conveying a clear message that he or she is someone to be very wary of.  Don’t tangle with them and you will be fine, but cross them and you will feel the sting in their tails!

Although scorpion tattoos can look very good in monochrome or duotones, brightly coloured ones can be very attractive and soften some of the harsher connotations of the creature.  When looking for your printable scorpion tattoo, look carefully at the colour combinations, particularly if you want a realistic representation.  Size is also important and will probably be dictated by the area you have chosen to have your tattoo inked.  Smaller designs will have less complex artwork in them, and may not look as good.  A large and detailed design is preferable, so a large body area, such as the back or shoulder is a favourite position for larger tattoos.

Tattoos are a lasting art form and should be something you are happy to live with for a very long time.  If you choose your printable scorpion tattoo wisely, it will make a unique statement about you that will become as familiar to yourself and others as your eyes and nose.