A  tribal flying phoenix tattoo design on man's upper back.If you are just beginning to think about tattoos for yourself, you will almost certainly have looked at phoenix tattoo art, and possibly even been influenced by these fabulous designs into considering a tattoo in the first place.  In England there is a popular saying amongst animal lovers, that a pet is for life, not just for Christmas, and this could also apply to tattoos because removal is neither easy nor cheap.

You therefore need to make sure that the design you choose is one you know you will be happy to live with for many years to come.  In my opinion, however, if you choose a phoenix tattoo and a reputable tattoo artist, you will be happy with your design forever.

A girl with colorful phoenix tattoo design.Not everyone chooses a design for some deep or meaningful significance, but everyone does have personal preferences.  You would not choose a piece of artwork to hang on your wall if it did not arouse some emotion within you and therefore you are unlikely to choose body art that means nothing to you.   All art should look beautiful to someone, but phoenix tattoo art, done well, is beautiful to everyone who beholds it.  And everyone who sees it will recognise the special significance behind the choice.

The Phoenix birds; sometimes known as the firebird, sometimes as the bird of paradise, has a rich mythological significance.  It was said to live for hundreds of years and, when it knew it was ready to die, it built itself a nest and consumed itself in flames in solitary dignity.  However it then reincarnated itself and rose from its own ashes newborn, just as beautiful and ready for its new life span.  It was a bird beloved of many cultures for its beauty and positive connotations.  It was associated with sunlight and fire, grace and virtue, long-life and harmony.  Its song was so beautiful that it was said to have enchanted the god of music and poetry, Apollo.  Do you really need any further explanation for the popularity of the phoenix in tattoo art, for both men and women alike?

Large cool phoenix tattoo at the back.

Because your phoenix tattoo art will be so personal to you, it is important that you find the design that reflects your own feelings about the bird.  Think about the symbolic significance of the bird and decide which one appeals to you.  That will help you to narrow down your search.  And search you must!  No-one should ever rush into getting a tattoo and in this internet-enabled age, searching could not be easier.  There are numerous on-line galleries and tattoo shops all displaying their designs and, of course, you will see that the colourful phoenix is one of the most beautiful and popular designs of every artist.  One you have chosen your design, or designs, take a print-out of it to your tattoo artist and spend time discussing its merits, for example how the colours will look, and any possible disadvantages.  You may be able to customise your design to suit your own ideas.  Any good tattoo artist will value your input and be pleased to create a piece of phoenix tattoo art that you can both be proud of.

Phoenix designed with fire tattoo on calf.