Cool Snake Tribal Tattoo Designs

By |November 2nd, 2010|

Snakes have always been popular subjects for tattoos and a snake tribal tattoo can be a very impressive piece of body art.  As an animal totem, snakes would speak volumes (if they could) about those who are drawn to them.  Such people are extra-ordinary and, accordingly, possess some extra-ordinary qualities.  They are intuitive and often gifted natural healers; their innate intuition helps them to make correct decisions quickly and enables them to attune to the thoughts and emotions of others.  They also have admirable natural diplomacy and skills of rhetoric or literary flair.  If you recognise yourself in this description, you are almost certainly considering getting a snake tribal tattoo.

Your natural intuition and caution should prevent you from making a rash decision, but a word to the wise before you begin.  Tribal art, by its nature, is meant to be permanent, so you must take care with your choice of design and positioning to ensure you choose something you are willing to live with for the rest of your life.


Meaning of Raging Bull Tattoos

By |October 30th, 2010|

There are so many reasons for the popularity of raging bull tattoos that I hardly know where to begin writing about them.  Because bulls are found all over the world, they are instantly recognisable – and feared – and everyone knows some story or legend about them.   They symbolise strength, masculinity, power and virility, to name just a few of their meanings.

Bulls have long been admired for their strength and powerful build and the Celts also associated them with virility and procreation, whilst the Druids linked them to the energy of the sun and also used them in sacrifice in their quest for spiritual enlightenment and wisdom.  Their solar association also make them a symbol of the heavens and resurrection, whilst their relationship to cows (females), and their crescent-shaped horns, resembling moons, imbues them with feminine lunar powers links with earth, water, night and also death – in other words, the best of all worlds!


Hot Phoenix Tattoo Art

By |October 27th, 2010|

If you are just beginning to think about tattoos for yourself, you will almost certainly have looked at phoenix tattoo art, and possibly even been influenced by these fabulous designs into considering a tattoo in the first place.  In England there is a popular saying amongst animal lovers, that a pet is for life, not just for Christmas, and this could also apply to tattoos because removal is neither easy nor cheap.

You therefore need to make sure that the design you choose is one you know you will be happy to live with for many years to come.  In my opinion, however, if you choose a phoenix tattoo and a reputable tattoo artist, you will be happy with your design forever.


Flying High with Tribal Wings Tattoos

By |October 24th, 2010|

With the sudden rise of interest in angels in the 1990s helped by celebrity endorsement in the media, many people are choosing tribal wings tattoos for their first foray into tattoo art.  In that decade a national poll discovered that nearly 70% of Americans believed in angels.  By last year this percentage had increased and was reflected in many other countries of the western world.  Nowadays many people adorn their houses with angels, cherubs, fairies – in fact just about any of these ethereal winged beings, and this has spread to tattoo art.  Tribal wings tattoos are the frequent choice of design for newcomers to the world of tattoo art.  If this is the type of body art you are drawn to, then rest your wings for a moment and read on before you embark upon your journey towards your first tattoo.


Best-loved Wild Animal Tattoos

By |October 21st, 2010|

Most of us have a favourite animal, whether domestic or wild and our universal interest in animals is reflected in their popularity in tattoo-art and, in particular, in the number of wild animal tattoos all around the world today.  The animal kingdom is rich in symbolism and legend and myths abound about every creature, all of which have special significance to someone.  Whether chosen to symbolise some deeper characteristic of human or animal nature, or simply to reflect admiration of that creature, wild animal tattoos are here to stay.

We are a world of animal-lovers, as witnessed by the flourishing pet industry and proliferation of wild life charities, so depicting an animal in tattoo form is not unusual.  Among the most popular are: snakes, frogs and lizards, panthers and tigers, dolphins and fish, and butterflies and birds.  A quick look at the symbolism surrounding these animals might help us to understand their popularity.

Snake tattoos symbolise both physical and supernatural powers, and are also associated with wisdom, fertility and regeneration.  As tattoos, they are popular because they also work well with other designs, due to the flexibility of their fluid, undulating bodies, which complement the human form so well.


The Magic of Seahorse Tattoos

By |October 18th, 2010|

Our contemporary fascination with the mysterious creatures of the deep: with whales and sharks and dolphins, for example, must inevitably lead to an interest in the smaller, enchanting, fairy-like creatures of the sea and could explain why seahorse tattoos have become so popular in recent years.  I remember the first time I saw a seahorse skeleton as a young child; I could not believe it had once been a living creature.  When I could finally accept that it was genuine and had once been a real creature of the sea, the exquisite perfection of its miniscule structure nearly broke my heart!  I have nursed a fascination for seahorses ever since and therefore writing about seahorse tattoos has great personal significance for me.

But facts are facts and if you are considering a seahorse tattoo, it might be worth looking into the fascination these tiny fish hold for so many of us.  In the first place, seahorses are miniscule, inoffensive creatures which make highly decorative tattoo designs.  If represented faithfully on any part of the body, they can offend no-one.  Small or large, they are undeniably pretty and conjure up images of magical worlds beneath the oceans, where mermaids and mermen sit on thrones made of coral and pearl.


Getting a Printable Scorpion Tattoo

By |October 15th, 2010|

Scorpions are creatures of great antiquity and have horrified and fascinated the human race since it was first born and, whilst they may seem unlikely subjects for tattoos, the number of people searching for a printable scorpion tattoo on-line is testament to the popularity of this fearsome creature.

Distinguishable at a glance from the rest of its arachnid family, it has a complex structure and shape which is often difficult to capture in ink and, when searching for printable art work, care needs to be taken that the design is a realistic and faithful facsimile or your tattoo will be a big disappointment.

The most immediately recognisable part of the scorpion’s body is its highly flexible tail, which, of course, contains its venom.  They have four pairs of walking legs, like spiders, but the second pair of legs sport two powerful pincer-like claws, rather like crabs, while the first pair have little flipper-like feet.

Three hundred and ninety million year old fossils have shown that scorpions have altered very little structurally for the unknown aeons of their existence – […]

Creative Lion Tattoos on Arms

By |October 12th, 2010|

Everyone admires the magnificent king of beasts and lion tattoos on arms, shoulders, or other parts of the […]

Cat Tattoo Designs – Our Fascinating Feline Friends

By |March 29th, 2010|

When it comes to cat tattoo designs, not everyone loves these creatures, but most of us are fascinated by them and some of us prefer them to any other animal.  Maybe, for some of us, our fascination is tinged with a little envy at the aloof dignity portrayed by our feline friends.  As Ernest Hemingway famously said: “A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings…may hide their feelings, but a cat does not”– and those of us who have been privileged to share our lives with a cat will certainly recognise this quality.    There is a proverb that says: ‘A cat is nature’s beauty’ so what better way to celebrate our fascination with these inscrutable creatures than by capturing their innate beauty in a carefully chosen tattoo?  Our tattoo artists can capture any aspect of a cat you prefer, from its graceful paw, the colour of its fur, or that special curve of the tail that lends this […]